Empowering A Stronger, Better, Wiser You!

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Our Story

FLO Radio Network (FRN) a subsidiary of the FLO Media Group is a community based online radio network streaming live from Houston, TX. The concept of FLO Radio Network was originally established in July 2012, our initiative is to provide talk radio that educates, impacts, ignites and elevates.


FLO Radio Network is poised to reach a broader listening audience,expand topics of community interest, self-empowerment, spiritual liberation and entertainment that crosses both cultures and genres of internet listening audiences. Our top priority is being accountable to our audience and provide relative programming to a progressive community of listeners from all walks of life

Wellness Wednesday

Mind, Body & Soul 

“Empowering A Stronger, Better, Wiser You!” 

Wellness Wednesday is a weekly check-in and push toward a better, healthier overall wellbeing. Listeners/Viewers will find weekly help, empowerment and encouragement for their mind body & soul. Wellness Wednesday programming will offer direction on everything from spiritual elevation to health and holistic fitness, mindfulness, mental health, relationships and more. 

Wellness Wednesday is designed to foster the development of healthier habits and lay the groundwork for listeners to lead a holistic balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Programming objectives are intently focused on living and being well. Wellness Wednesday is designed as a three dimensional approach to programming - mind, body & soul. 


11A – 3P  (CST)

It is through our soul that we live out our relationship with God, with others and with our self. Soulspiriations is presented by some powerful SoulShifters. It is a Word-based series of sermons, lessons, teachings and conversations about truth, transformation and being spiritually well.   

Mind Your Business

3P – 6P (CST)


A strong faith can help us to manage both the stress and success that we experience in our lives. Our day to day thinking has a great impact on our emotions and feelings; in turn our emotions and feelings influence our behaviors. In this regard, our thought patterns play a significant role in our quest for holistic wellness. Mind Your Business will feature "MindShifters" that focus on Mental Health, Social Health and Business Health. 

Body Up

6P – 8P (CST) 

It is by our body that we function. Our spiritual heart as well as our physical heart is a huge part of being holistically well. Body Up will feature Body Builders that focus on physical wellness and health issues.


Wellness Wednesday programming will stream online every Wednesday from 11A-8P (CST) and will be available via podcast on the following Monday.  





FLO Radio Network

Houston, Texas 832.409.0356